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3:52 – Avitae President and CEO Norman Snyder on the company and its caffeinated water products.

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From the First to the 18th Tee: Staying Energized

Staying healthy and fit is a goal many of us seek to obtain, but as a professional golfer, it’s a part of Kevin Streelman’s job:

“I have to be at the top of my game when I’m trying to compete against top players in the world on a weekly basis, so my health and wellness are extremely important. As golfers we sometimes get teased that we’re not really athletes. In reality, when we play a five-and-a-half-hour round, walking 6-7 miles with pressure and money on the line, we have to be ready to make a world-class performance every day. Being as fit, prepared and energized on the 18th tee as I am on the first tee is crucial, so I’m constantly trying to improve my health and well-being.

“During my off-time I focus on weight training and muscle building. During tournament weeks it’s about continuity. I do a lot of stretching and stay on the cardio side of things, using lighter weights for more repetitions. There’s definitely a change in my focus from off-week to on-week or off-season to on-season.

“The Tour owns a double-wide fitness trailer that has all the fitness equipment that you can imagine: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, bands, TRX, really everything. I’m in there usually twice a day during tournament days, once before a round and once after the round, and once a day during practice rounds. At the very least I’m getting a good stretch from my trainer and doing cardio to loosen up, and at the most I’m doing a full-out intense workout.

“The cool thing is the fitness trailer has gotten busier each year. The first year on Tour there were half as many people in there as there are now. You can see how fitness has changed in the game of golf. People are realizing that in order to stay competitive for a long time, and to elongate your career, you have to stay healthy and limber.

“On the nutrition side, I try to stay away from super sugary supplements and energy drinks, and that’s where Avitae is so great – being able to have it in the morning to get the help of a caffeine kick and the hydration of water. To me it’s all about hydration and keeping your body prepped throughout the day for consistency.

“If you trust the work you put in off the course, the results will take care of themselves on the course.”

To keep up on Kevin’s schedule and standings at the Deutsche Bank Championship this weekend in Massachusetts, visit kevinstreelmangolf.com or pgatour.com.

Avitae Caffeine Water – proud sponsor of Kevin Streelman


Allowing Greatness to Come Out: Winning the Travelers Championship

This past Tuesday we spoke with Kevin Streelman, who broke a PGA record by carding seven consecutive birdies to win the 2014 Travelers Championship Sunday, June 22, at the TPC River Highlands in Connecticut:

“Starting off the week at Travelers, I didn’t have a ton of confidence after missing four cuts. However, I actually spent the weekend before with an instructor down in Washington, D.C. – Wayne DeFrancesco – and we had a couple of neat, simple ideas to work on my swing and putting. I got excited for the tournament, played great in the Pro-Am and hit pretty well Thursday and Friday but wasn’t making a ton of putts, and then Saturday it really clicked what we were working on. I had a ton of confidence going into Sunday. I didn’t get off to the start I expected, but something happened when I made that putt on 9. I felt something click in my psyche and I entered the zone right there. It was a lot of fun, a dream scenario for professional athletes.

“I wasn’t expecting that much from this tournament. I wanted to have good momentum and good confidence to move into two weeks off. But I think it just freed me up to let things go and play it as a game.

“Going onto the back nine on Sunday, I made two awesome up and downs through 10 and 11 to stay par, but the putts I made were a 6-footer on 10 and a 12-footer on 11, and I buried them both dead in the middle of the cup. That started to get my putter feeling really good.

“12 is a part of the course where you have to start attacking and I crushed it 10 feet below the hole. It’s funny, though, because that was the only putt I backed off on all week and I backed off because when I was over the putt, I was actually thinking of my fishing trip coming up this week! I backed off the putt and I said to my caddy, ‘I’m thinking about trout!’ But I focused back in, picked a good target and just rolled it, once again dead center in the back of the cup.

“After the 15th hole where I had birdied again, I honestly didn’t even realize that I had birdied four in a row. I was just thinking how we were going in the right direction, getting some good momentum before the off weeks.

“Probably the coolest moment of the day for me came on the 18th. That drive was the longest drive of my life.  Then, going into the putt, I read it and I said to my caddy, ‘It almost doesn’t matter where we’re going to put this right now.  I know it’s going in the hole.’ Michael Jordan used to talk about how he would know he was going to make a basket before he shot it, and I really felt that way. I knew that putt was going to go in. I had done it a thousand times before on practice greens, and this was to win a tournament. To step up and bury it is something I’ll never forget.

“The thing about this week is that golf had become really important to me, and I needed to be kicked in the pants and reprioritize where things like my family and faith were in my life. During the week I was able to let go of the importance of golf. It just was a game and something that I played and had fun with. I think it allowed greatness to come out because I was in a proper place in my life.”

Listen to Kevin explain how it feels to break a PGA record and his favorite memory from the weekend by clicking here:

With an Avitae in one hand and the Travelers Championship trophy in the other, we can rest assured that Kevin will have a relaxing two weeks off before heading to the Scottish Open on July 10.

To keep up on Kevin’s schedule and standings, visit kevinstreelmangolf.com or pgatour.com.

Avitae Caffeine Water – proud sponsor of Kevin Streelman

New Way to Get Caffeine in Michigan with Avitae Caffeine Water

CLEVELAND — Avitae USA, LLC announced today that its caffeine water is now available in 70 Spartan Stores across Michigan. Spartan Stores operates four store banners, including D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare Supermarkets, Glen’s Market and VG’s Grocery, in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo. Sunrise Foods will distribute Avitae Caffeine Water in these four Spartan Store banners. It is the first time Sunrise Foods has carried a beverage brand.

“We’re thrilled more consumers in Michigan will now be able to find Avitae in their stores and have an all-natural way to get a boost from caffeine without drinking coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks,” said Norman E. Snyder, president and chief executive officer of Avitae. “Spartan Stores are a popular place for people in Michigan and we’re excited to be there, further strengthening our position in the beverage market and as a leader in the caffeinated water category.”

Avitae Caffeine Water is available in Spartan Stores this May 2014 and will retail for $1.19 per 16.9-fluid-ounce (500-milliliter) bottle.

Avitae offers consumers an all-natural beverage in three caffeine-level options. The 45-milligram and 90-milligram caffeine-level bottles are equal to a half-cup of coffee and a cup of coffee, respectively. In March, Avitae added a stronger caffeine-level option for consumers interested in a higher-level energy kick. The new 125-milligram-level bottle is equivalent to one and a half cups of coffee. Avitae Caffeine Water contains natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans, zero calories, no sugars or artificial ingredients, and no bitter aftertaste.

About Avitae: Avitae Caffeine Water is the leading caffeinated water company in the U.S. and seeks to provide consumers with an alternative to less healthy caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks. Avitae vows to provide the healthy hydration you need with the caffeine lift you want. Avitae Caffeine Water is currently offered in 45-milligram, 90-milligram and 125-milligram caffeine amounts for all lifestyles. For more information, visit www.goavitae.com.

About SpartanNash: SpartanNash (Nasdaq: SPTN) is a Fortune 500 company and the largest food distributor serving military commissaries and exchanges in the United States, in terms of revenue. The Company’s core businesses include distributing food to military commissaries and exchanges and independent and corporate-owned retail stores located in 44 states and the District of Columbia, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Azores, Bahrain and Egypt. SpartanNash currently operates 169 supermarkets, primarily under the banners of Family Fare Supermarkets, D&W Fresh Markets, No Frills, Bag ‘n Save, Sun Mart and Econofoods.

The Masters Experience

Kevin’s daughter, Sophia, getting ready for her first Masters.

Kevin’s daughter, Sophia, getting ready for her first Masters.

We spoke to Kevin after his inspiring run at the 2014 Masters, where he went into the weekend in the top 20.

“Driving down Magnolia Lane is always an amazing experience,” said Kevin. “The first time I made the short drive it seemed like it took 30 minutes to complete the 300-yard journey. As a golfer, it’s a very emotional experience and one I never take for granted.”

Following strong rounds Thursday and Friday, Kevin made the cut at the Masters for the first time.

“You learn more about Augusta National each and every time you play it, particularly in competition. I’m starting to feel much more comfortable around the green complexes, knowing where you can and cannot leave your approach shots in order to make birdies and pars. Augusta National is an amazing test of knowledge, patience, and fortitude,” said Kevin.

Earlier in the week, he was able to make a dream come true for a local golfer and his mom both of whom had never been to the Masters.

“We woke up Wednesday morning and received a call from my dad that he and my mom weren’t feeling well,” said Kevin. “This freed up two available tickets, and I thought it would be fun to reward some local junior golfers in the area. My only prerequisites were that they had never been to Augusta before, and they loved the game of golf. The tweets started flying in, and I chose a junior high school golfer who happened to live over in Charleston. It was fun to share the Masters experience with some unsuspecting Twitter followers, who also share a passion for the game.”

After playing in his third Masters, Kevin said, “To compete in the Masters is truly an honor, and I hope to contend there for many years to come.”

To keep up on Kevin’s schedule and standings, visit kevinstreelmangolf.com or pgatour.com.

Avitae Caffeine Water – proud sponsor of Kevin Streelman

Caffeine + Water Simplified

Avitae USA rolls out new packaging for its all-natural Avitae Caffeine Water.

Getting Major “ly” Ready


KS_back with bottle

We caught up with Kevin Streelman this week and learned he’s tackling new goals this year with an impressive attitude. The PGA golfer is working on the course to get ready to build on his recent success and off the course being a first-time dad.

Since getting a taste of major success last year by winning his first PGA Tour title at the Valspar Championship, and placing second in the Players Championship, Kevin has been inspired to continue to step up his game. He has spent the last few months focusing on becoming more “Major ready.” This is definitely the time to do it, too; Kevin is set to compete in all four Majors this year! While he is passionately training, he’s managing to maintain a healthy perspective.

“It is important not to make too big of a deal about specific tournaments, but it is difficult to not get goose bumps driving down Magnolia Lane at Augusta National! I know that a focus on my short game and putting improvement is critical to be able to win a Major championship,” said Streelman.

The new father is seemingly effortlessly balancing his family duties while playing on the Tour (there’s probably a lot of Avitae involved after late nights!) His wife, Courtney, and their daughter, Sophia Marie, accompanied him to his last PGA event and the baby is apparently a great traveler already.

“It has been amazing being a dad for the first time. The birth of Sophia has given me a new perspective on life. My bad days on the golf course don’t bother me as much when I remember that I’m coming home to my two beautiful girls.”

Family has always been important to Kevin. His parents – both “die-hard golfers” themselves – actually served as Kevin’s caddies in past tournaments.

“My long-term career goals include leaving a legacy that hopefully inspires others to never stop chasing their dreams and aspirations. Of course I would love to win as many tournaments as possible, but there is so much more to this life and the platform that I have been given than just taking trophies home. I wake up each and every day inspired to become better.”

To keep up on Kevin’s schedule and standings this weekend at the Shell Houston Open in Texas, visit kevinstreelmangolf.com or pgatour.com

Avitae Caffeine Water – proud sponsor of Kevin Streelman

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