CSP Magazine highlights Avitae as a bottled water to watch

CSP Magazine takes a look at what’s new in the bottled-water category and highlights AvitaeXR – Avitae’s new line of extended-release energy drinks.

Avitae Brings Natural Energy and Healthy Hydration to ACME Markets

CLEVELAND — Avitae USA, LLC, the leader in the caffeinated water category, is expanding its retail presence and introducing Avitae Caffeine Water and its healthy hydration to consumers at ACME Markets. All four of the company’s non-carbonated, natural fruit-flavored caffeine waters – Blackberry, Tangerine, Pomegranate Açai and Strawberry Guava – and its 125-milligram non-carbonated, unflavored caffeine water products will be available in all ACME Markets locations throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“Avitae is simply natural caffeine plus water. It’s a healthy caffeine alternative that not only hydrates, but also gives consumers a natural energy boost,” said Norman E. Snyder, president and chief executive officer of Avitae. “It’s great for those looking for an instant-go or pick-me-up whenever you need an extra boost. With the presence in ACME Markets, we’re excited to introduce our line of healthy products to even more consumers on the East Coast.”

Avitae Caffeine Water contains natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans, contains zero calories, sugars or artificial ingredients, and has no bitter aftertaste. The four flavored caffeine waters that will be carried in ACME Markets have the caffeine equivalency of one cup of coffee (90 milligrams). The unflavored caffeine water has the caffeine equivalent of one and a half cups of coffee (125 milligrams). The water will retail for $1.49 per 16.9-fluid-ounce (500-milliliter) bottle and will be distributed by KeHe.

In addition to the products offered at ACME Markets, Avitae also has two other non-carbonated unflavored caffeine waters that vary in caffeine levels, including caffeine equivalencies to a half-cup of coffee (45 milligrams) and one cup (90 milligrams).

In March 2016, Avitae launched a line of carbonated caffeine waters, “Sparkling Avitae,” produced with carbonated purified water, natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans and natural flavors. Offered at the 90-milligram caffeine level, Sparkling Avitae is available in Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime, Berry Kiwi and Mandarin Passion Fruit flavors and in an unflavored version.

The company also recently introduced a line of extended-release energy drinks, “AvitaeXR,” that features patented bead-based technology that controls the release rate of caffeine to give consumers up to four hours of energy without the crash. The energy drink gives consumers an initial caffeine boost of 125 milligrams before the beads slowly release an additional 125 milligrams. AvitaeXR contains 70 calories and is available in three flavors: Orange, Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime.

To learn more, visit www.goavitae.com.

About Avitae: Avitae USA, LLC is the leading caffeinated water company in the U.S. and provides consumers with an alternative to less healthy caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks. As an independent company, Avitae is committed to providing the healthy hydration you need with the natural caffeine lift and instant go that you want. Avitae offers flavored and unflavored non-carbonated caffeine waters that vary in caffeine levels to fit all lifestyles, including equivalencies to a half-cup of coffee (45mg), one cup (90mg) or one and a half cups (125mg). In 2016, Avitae introduced a line of carbonated caffeine waters, “Sparkling Avitae,” and a line of new energy drinks, “AvitaeXR,” that features cutting-edge, patented bead-based technology that delivers extended-release caffeine. For more information, visit www.goavitae.com.

About ACME Markets: ACME Markets Inc. began in 1891 when two friends, Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford, opened a small neighborhood grocery store in South Philadelphia, emphasizing quality products, low prices and friendly service. Over 124 years later, ACME remains dedicated to providing a high-quality grocery experience that our customers have come to expect.  Today, ACME operates 179 stores, including Sav-On Pharmacies at select locations, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, employing more than 11,000 associates. The company and its associates remain committed to the communities they serve.  For more information, visit www.acmemarkets.com.


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