The name Avitae, pronounced ah-vee-tay, is a combo of two words – agua (Spanish for water) and vitae (Latin for life). Seeing as we’re the water that pumps extra life into your day, we thought it was pretty appropriate.

And just who drinks Avitae, you ask? That’s an easy one. Workout fanatics, busy parents, overloaded college students, night nurses and third-shift workers, adventure-seekers, weekend warriors, people who are hard at work (or hard at play). It’s for people taking a stand against sugary sodas and energy drinks, questionable ingredients, stale coffee breath and stained teeth – Avitae is for anyone who needs a better pick-me-up. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to our customers.

So whether you’re running around with the kids, about to crunch that gym visit, trek that hike, power through a double-shift, or need a boost to just…keep…going – grab a bottle or stock up on a case for that INSTANT GO!