An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

There is nothing like a super productive morning! You’ve answered the emails, made the phone calls, set the appointments, sneaked a peek at your Twitter account and now it’s 2 o’clock. You’ve gotten so much done it feels like a nap is in order, but is that really exhaustion from a busy morning? Did you know your Circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle, kicks in at night and around midday? Craving a nap is actually your body’s way of keeping a balanced energy throughout the day. It’s also why we need that afternoon pick me up!

You already clocked out for a lunch break, so it’s not really feasible to leave again for the double shot latte. Besides after all the coffee from the morning, your body could really use some good ole water. But how is that going to help with this yawn fest you got going on? Did you know that water also gives you energy? Not directly, but proper hydration helps the body convert food and body fat into energy.

Hopefully this is a good incentive to drink your H2O, but if it’s not enough, maybe we can give you another reason.

What if we could offer you pure, clean water that has been naturally caffeinated? NowDSC_0501 that’s a midday option that should be on everyone’s desk! Avitae can hydrate you and energize you all at the same time. And unlike most bottled caffeine options, you get to choose your level of caffeine, half a cup, a whole cup or a cup and a half! You also get to choose your flavor. Unflavored water is an option but so is Pomegranate Açai, Tangerine, Blackberry and Strawberry Guava. We all have different tastes and your caffeinated water should too. Keep an eye out for our carbonated water line coming to you very soon!

This is an afternoon pick me up that takes care of your health and your energy levels. Every ingredient in these bottles can be read by a fourth grader, making it a smart choice. There’s also no sugar, no calories and no chemicals. That makes it a healthy choice. You don’t need to add cream and sugar, you don’t need to stir and you don’t have to drink it right away. That makes it an easy choice. Grab a bottle and throw it in your gym bag, in your car, in your desk or clipped to your bicycle.

Have we given you enough reasons to perk up your afternoon with Avitae?

How about one more! It won’t stain your teeth. Smile.