Caffeine on Trial


There are many stories about caffeine which is why it is difficult to know if it’s good for you or bad for you.  We often hear it called American’s drug of choice, but that’s working under the assumption that it’s addictive. We’ve also heard that it dehydrates you, causes insomnia and is generally bad for your health.  These are not conspiracy theories at work, but cautions developed over time through observation without actual studies or evidence.  Luckily caffeine is innocent until proven guilty!

Caffeine has been accused of being an addiction and therefore wrongfully titled a drug.  There is nothing in caffeine that makes you crave more of it.  If you regularly consume caffeine and abruptly stop, you may have a headache or feel tired for a day or two, but even this can be avoided if you lower your caffeine levels over a few days. The body will fully expel all caffeine within 14 hours.  So it is not a drug nor an addiction.

Caffeine has been wrongfully accused of dehydrating the body.  Caffeine is a natural, mild diuretic, but studies have proven that natural caffeine is consumed with liquid, which more than covers the extra urge to use the bathroom in the mornings.  If diuretics were on trial, we would have to accuse lemons, pineapples, asparagus, beets, spinach, kale, onions, garlic and many other fruits and vegetables.  Drink Avitae to get the most water with your caffeine. So it does not dehydrate your body.

Caffeine has been accused of causing insomnia.  Well it’s been proven that is impossible long term.  Caffeine is processed through your liver, which is the strongest detoxifying organ in the body.  It only takes 5-7 hours to get rid of half of your caffeine intake.  In 10-14 hours, all the caffeine is out of your system completely.  If your sleep cycles are sensitive to caffeine, make sure to not consume any past that morning bottle of Avitae! So it does not cause insomnia.

Caffeine has also been wrongfully accused of being bad for your health.  According to the American Heart Association, moderate caffeine levels have not been proven harmful.  In depth studies have also shown that caffeine does not raise cholesterol and only raises blood pressure within normal levels of basic activity, and only in those very sensitive to caffeine. It also does not cause cancer!  More than 20,000 participants were studied, and not one correlation was made between caffeine and cancer.  In fact, caffeine helped against liver cancer!  So it is not bad for your health.

In closing statements, we would like to point out that caffeine has regularly proven to aid in cognitive functioning, improving work output, memory, and office moral.  It has also been shown to help protect against Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, liver disease and helps lessen the effects of asthma.  It improves alertness and combats drowsiness which is useful for any individual with a high stress job like truck drivers, doctors or parents!  Finally, caffeine is widely loved and cherished by the people.

We find the defendant not guilty.  You may drink your caffeine!  Check out our site to find Avitae at your local market.

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