Do You Know What You’re Drinking?


They say knowledge is power. We say knowledge is health. So does that mean smart people are richer and live longer? That’s a question for your guru. We don’t actually have all the answers, but we can give you less questions.

Here are some things you should be asking. But for a simple explanation, we recommend avoiding them all.

What is caramel E150d and 4-methylimidazole?

What is glucose, sucrose and fructose?

Should I drink phosphoric acid?

What is aspartame?

How does soda dissolve battery acid?

Can energy drinks really cause heart attacks?

Why does coffee turn my teeth yellow?

What beverages are actually diuretics?

Does coffee raise my cholesterol?

Don’t worry, we’re not here to waste your time, so keep reading to see how we can simplify things.

How would you like to open a bottle, drink it, get a burst of energy and not have any of these questions? We may not have the answers to the world’s mysteries, but we can give you pure, clean energy without any confusion. Avitae.  Water and caffeine.

BottlesYep, it’s that simple. Water hydrates. Caffeine energizes. There are no artificial ingredients, chemicals, sugars or colorings. This is a healthy energy choice without any side effects or secrets.

Seriously, take a look at the label! Purified water, that’s a simple one. Natural caffeine, that’s pretty easy too!  It is extracted from green coffee beans. Citric acid and natural flavors vary on what Avitae you choose!

We’re not Gandhi or Einstein, but we do know that your body needs pure, clean water to survive and your brain needs pure, clean caffeine to thrive. Now you can have both with no questions, no mystery and no calories.