Energy for the New School Year


The lazy days of summer have come to an end, and the full swing of bus schedules, sporting events, extra curriculars and PTA meetings have begun.  It’s times like these we look at all the children running around, following their dreams, playing with their friends, learning and growing, and we think if only we could be young again! Then you remember it’s your turn to run the carpool, make the soccer team snacks, host the slumber party or organize the fundraiser.  Your big deadline is coming up in the office.  You really need to go grocery shopping, clean the house, put gas in the car, run to the bank and pull out the kid’s winter clothes.

Where will you find the energy to get it all done?

You don’t allow soda in the house.  Good for you!  If you have one more cup of coffee, your stomach acid is going to revolt.  You can’t justify drinking energy drinks all day, even if you really need the stamina, and potions and pills are too unhealthy and unpredictable to be in your home or around your kids.

If you want to get everything done and still have the mental capacity to ask how their day was over dinner, you need Avitae.  On the surface, we look like another bottle of water on the market, but we’ve got a little something extra to help you feel like you’re in your 20s again, caffeine.  And at different levels too.  We have a 45 mg bottle of caffeinated water that is about the same as half a cup of coffee.  This is for those little moments where you want to ward of the fatigue before your little one scores the winning goal.  The 90 mg bottle gives you the same boost as one cup of coffee, making it the perfect afternoon perk to finish that to-do list.  Finally, the 125 mg bottle will make you feel like you just drank a grande and will power you through that long day of cranky bosses and temper tantrums.

Avitae isn’t just about the caffeine though.  We are about water!  Everyone knows water is good for you.  We all know we need water to survive, but did you know that water can give you more energy?  Not directly of course, but the body’s use of water creates energy.  You see, water is used in many processes throughout the body, and one of them is converting what we eat and stored fat into energy.

They’ve proven that 2% dehydration or more actually causes you to feel sluggish and fatigued.  By keeping your body hydrated, you allow yourself to operate at maximum energy levels.

In order to keep up with this school year, you need to be fully hydrated and moderately caffeinated.  Your best option at maintaining both is Avitae.  All natural caffeine with pure, clean water is a powerhouse that cannot be ignored.  Find a bottle or a case at select local supermarkets!

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