The 21 Day Soda Challenge


First we need to understand what addiction really means.  It means to be physically or mentally dependent on something and not have the power to stop consuming or continuing it without bringing adverse effects onto yourself.  So basically you keep doing something that is most likely hurting you already to avoid a negative reaction that you don’t want to deal with.  Like calling in sick to work while playing 22 hours of Halo for the third time this month.  It may feel good at the time, but when the boss calls you in, it’s going to sting.

Soda is kind of like that, only worse.  It tastes really good when going down, and the cold, zingy, sugary rush of syrup hits your gut with a bang to pump you up for about an hour.  Then there is that hard reality, the come down.  The sugar spikes your insulin which then plummets leaving you feeling empty and in need of a fix.  The caffeine boosts your adrenal glands, giving you the momentum you need to continue your work, but it doesn’t last forever.  Now you need another one, so you hit the vending machine.

Meanwhile, the vile combination of ingredients is eating away at your teeth causing early onset dentures!  Toothless is only cute when he’s a cartoon character.  Then it slides down your throat and turns into liver fat, skeletal fat, triglyceride blood fats and various other organ fats. Delightful.  You say you only drink diet sodas. We hate to inform you, but aspartame causes just as much weight gain over time as regular soda.  It raises glucose levels, giving your liver too much to deal with, so it converts the extra into fat.

Did you know soda contains meth?  Perhaps not the illegal kind, but 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole are both used in sodas to give them their caramel coloring. Both have been directly linked to cancer in a big way.  California is even propositioning the cola companies to remove it, as it serves no purpose but color. Several sodas and sports drinks also use brominated vegetable oil, or BVO to help integrate the flavor into the drink. It is the same chemical used in plastics and foam to make them flame retardant. Bad news is it has been shown to cause memory loss, behavioral problems, infertility and eventually lesions on heart muscles.  Good news is you may become flame retardant too!

We could actually tell you many more harmful things about soda, but you get the point.  Now you’re down to two valid rebuttals, one you need the boost soda provides and two, it’s just not the right time to fight the withdrawals.  We’ve got the solution for you.  Avitae can give you the pick-me-up you need and help curb those addict symptoms!

How?  By taking our 21 day soda challenge!

We have exactly what your body needs minus the part that’s not good for you.  Avitae is pure, clean water with natural caffeine added from green coffee beans.  Your body will stay hydrated, your mind will stay stimulated and all those harmful side effects will be eliminated. If you don’t care for plain water, we also have four awesome flavors to entertain your mouth!  If you really need your fizz, don’t worry we’re working on that too!

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so try Avitae instead of soda for 21 days, and see just how much you love us.  You’re welcome!