Like Your Caffeine Without Cream and Sugar?


We know for some of you this may be hard to believe, but everyone in the world is not obsessed with coffee! … We paused for your shock. There are actually times a steaming cup of joe really doesn’t fit the bill like an August morning in the south when it’s 102 degrees with 65% humidity or while running a marathon in Florida. There are also the moments when even the most die-hard coffee drinker really doesn’t want another cup, but right now we’re talking to those who are taking a stand and demanding the same caffeine buzz as their coffee colleagues without the cream and sugar!

It seems the industry of caffeine and energy is a bit abysmal for those who aren’t into java beans.  There’s soda, but let’s face it; that is not really a viable option for the long term.  One here and there won’t rock the health boat, but if you drink it every day, you’re bound to end up with a bulging gut and no teeth. Hmm, that kind of sounds like a relative or two.

You could chug a few energy drinks, but that’s not really caffeine as much as a kryptonite concoction of herbal and chemical energy. They may work in a pinch, but they also cause you to swing from the rafters.  And we don’t know about you, but there isn’t one aluminum canned energy bomb out there that doesn’t make our taste buds pucker up from a sweet or sour overload.

At this point you may be giving up.  Perhaps you should just learn to drink the piping hot, black sludge that turned your dad’s teeth yellow. Didn’t he always say it would put hair on your chest?


kick sub photoWe have a solution to your problem. Avitae.  As long as you’re good with drinking pure, clean water, Pomegranate Acai, Tangerine, Blackberry or Strawberry Guava subtly flavored, waters or even some bubbly water, then we have your answer.

No we’re not delusional.  We know we were talking about boosting your energy.  See, Avitae isn’t your ordinary bottle of water.  It looks like it.  It tastes like it.  It won’t feel like it.  This water has been fused with caffeine from green coffee beans!  Now you get the same benefits as the cream and sugar crowd without that full brew process.  We’ve even broken it down on the bottle for you. Avitae offers the coffee equivalent of a half a cup, one cup or a cup and a half.  Check out the label to choose the caffeine level that is right for you.

Now you can join the coffee break crew with your water bottle, enjoy every sip and walk away with the same energy as everyone else. Bonus, you’ll be better hydrated than everyone else too!