Stay Energized for the Game


Fall is here, and October is the premier month for a true all-round sports enthusiast!  It is the only time of year when all four major league sports are active, the great American pastime is headed towards the World Series, hockey is starting strong in its first month, football is at a quarter of its season and basketball is finally getting started! If you’re a sports aficionado, you’ll need to keep up your energy to support all your favorite teams.  Go Cavaliers!  (Oh come on!  We’re based out of Cleveland!)

We can argue the best of sports in a minute.  Our point is with the pints of beer and bowls of trail mix, you’re going to crash under the carbs and booze.  So how can you stay alert, hydrated and ready for the next inning?  Easy, drink water.  No, we don’t want you to look like a pansy.  That’s why our water is laced to loaded with all-natural caffeine.  It’s a twofer! Gulp a bottle or two of Avitae and you’ll be amped to catch every pass and mock every ref call.

The water will keep your mind alert as your body is properly hydrated and quench the thirst from all the snack bowls on the table. You can even pour it in a red cup, and no one will be the wiser.

The caffeine won’t make you jittery.  Avitae offers three levels of caffeine: 45 mg is a half a cup of coffee, 90 mg is a full cup and 125 mg is a cup and a half.  So how much coffee does it take you to wake up in the mornings?  Choose that level.  No one will see you brewing a pot like your grandma at halftime, and you’ll have the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old.

So why not just drink a soda?  Great question.  Soda will add to the beer belly, spike the sugar and also cause a crash.  It’s packed with harmful chemicals and artificial colorings.  Avitae is just water with caffeine.  We know there are some of you who don’t like water.  That’s okay.  We have naturally flavored options with zero sugar or color to keep your interest.  Tangerine, caffeinated water that isn’t electric orange!

With a zero calorie beverage, you can have that extra hotdog.

So what exactly were you saying about the Cavaliers??

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