The Healthy Caffeine


It’s the 21 st century folks, and by now we know a few things. We know that chemicals are bad for us. We know that soda is bad for us. We know that high fat, high sugar beverages are bad for us. We know to read the labels on our food and drinks. We know to increase our water intake to stay hydrated and healthy. We know that life can get really busy, really fast and sometimes we need a little boost to our energy. But how do we get our caffeine without the added chemicals, fat and sugar?

Soda pop first released drinks that rotted our teeth, filled our systems with chemicals, sodium and sugar and packed on the pounds. We got a little smarter, so they released light and diet versions that rot our teeth, fill our systems with chemicals, sodium and artificial sweeteners and pack on the pounds.

Coffee it is then. We can’t knock coffee, as we all like a cup in the morning, but the calories in a pumpkin spice latte, well that is a whole other story. A cup of black coffee is the healthiest choice, but once you add in your creamer, flavorings and sugar, it’s no longer just a cup of coffee. Drinking it all day, every day will stain your teeth, not to mention bring on a bit of coffee breath. The acids in coffee can also be a bit hard on the stomach.

On to the energy drinks! Do we really need to explain why all those chemicals and sugars are just not good for you?

Then how do you get your caffeine without all the negative side effects?

DSC_0562You drink Avitae! Hello benefits of science. Fresh, clean water that is good for you and required by your body, mixed with all natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans! Here’s a drink that keeps you hydrated, gives you the extra energy you need, doesn’t add any chemicals or sweeteners and has a nutrition label you can understand. You get the healthy benefits of water with the healthy benefits of caffeine.

Wait a minute. Caffeine has health benefits?

Yes, it does! Studies show that it enhances brain function, i.e., makes you smarter, increases metabolism, i.e., burns calories faster, reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, i.e. protects your brain, and lowers risk of depression, i.e., makes you happier! That’s on top of pushing you through an all-nighter, revving you up in the mornings, boosting your workout, keeping you alert while driving and making that long afternoon meeting fly by.

So get with the times folks! Put a bottle of Avitae in your gym bag, briefcase, purse and lunch tote. Now you get to check off your water intake and caffeine levels all in one gulp!