The Mad Science of Water


Water seems like a simple thing: clear, flavorless, comes out of the tap and we drink it.  We could get a little more technical, but you get the point.  We feel pretty comfortable with what we know about water, but there are a few things about this liquid that seem more like magic than just a bottled thirst quencher.

Did you know water is sticky? 

Well its molecules are sticky, and they like to stick to other molecules.  This is how water can carry your blood up through the body defying gravity.  It’s also why water has surface tension and certain substances can literally rest on top of it. Have you ever seen oil sit on top of water?  Or how about when a glass is slightly too full, but the water doesn’t spill over the edge?  To be a little geeky, it’s the electrical charge in the molecules that acts as the “glue” keeping them together and creates a tangible liquid.  The opposite charges attract, kind of like a magnet, drawing the molecules together.

So, what does this have to do with Avitae? 

We’re water of course.  And this crazy substance is essential to you staying alive.  We’re also part of the world’s 1%.  How’s that?  Around 71% of the Earth’s surface is water and 96.5% of that is salt water.  2.5% of the water is in the polar ice caps, so only 1% is actual drinking water. So, that makes Avitae in the top 1% of water you need to fill your body.

This also means the water coming out of your tap is in the top 1% as well, so why should you choose Avitae over your tap?  Well for one, we most likely have a better filtration system.  Two, not only can we offer you plain water, we can fill your mouth with the subtle essence of tangerine, strawberry guava, blackberry and pomegranate acai.  Three, ours is the only water that has natural caffeine extract from green coffee beans to not only supply life giving H2O but also energize you for your day!

If all of that was not enough, we come from outer space.

Well our water did, sort of.  According to Scientific American and Kevin Zahnle, an astronomer with Nasa, most of the Earth’s water came from comets and asteroids hitting our empty planet about 4.5 billion years ago and filling it with ice which melted giving us water.  Ok, we know it’s a stretch, but we rather like the idea.

By the end of the day, all that matters is you need water to survive.  You need caffeine to thrive.  Avitae is the only one that can give you both in the same bottle!  Enjoy.

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