Water Your Muscles


Who doesn’t like the idea of a ripped six pack, carved from stone arms and defined shoulder blades.  Of course that comes with hours in the gym, pumping iron and packing in the protein.  We all know the basics of building muscle, or do we?  How about water?  Sure, we need it for all exercise, it helps burn fat, and staying hydrated is the key to health.  But it is also the least talked about trade secret to body building.  Without proper water intake, your muscles will never get the chance to become the big guns!

So just what does water do to your muscles?

First off, water is anabolic.  Without going into too much science, this means it helps your body take simple molecules and make them complex in order to form cellular structures like muscles.  So at the most basic level water builds muscles!  Skeletal muscle is nearly 70% water because it needs the liquid to move, contract and grow.  More importantly all that protein you’re consuming for strength training can only be synthesized in the muscles if they are properly hydrated.

When you start working out, muscles pull extra water from the blood to perform, but when you are even Avitae-Website-Stores-03 Small Side Barslightly dehydrated, simply thirsty that is, the blood draws water from the muscles.  This is to keep circulation going and prevent heart problems and high blood pressure.  Unfortunately, when your muscles work on less water, they begin to breakdown their own protein, in essence shrinking or at the least maintaining because they are incapable of building up!  All that gym time with limited results due to forgetting your water bottle.

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of water and exercise.  A recent test group was given the same set of exercises, once when dehydrated at 2-3%, so just past slight thirst, and once fully hydrated.  Not only did their bodies struggle at the cellular level; they also struggled in the physical level.  Each rep was considered to be more difficult, they took longer and many could not complete the same workout.  So you don’t need a microscope to know if your muscles are sufficiently watered.  If your routine seems to be more difficult, takes longer or feels like it’s too much, you may need to energize with a bottle of water.

It is important to hydrate before, during and after a workout.  If you feel too tired to work up a sweat, grab a bottle of Avitae and hydrate your muscles while giving your adrenals a caffeine boost.  If your workout has you beat, grab a bottle afterwards too!  With the right amount of water and an all-natural caffeine recharge, resistance training has never been better.