What Is Water With a Kick?

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Avitae.  What is Avitae?  A new kind of hydration that is going to change how you think about water.  This isn’t your standard bottle of H2O; this is water with a pure caffeine kick.  So you’re thinking it’s a soda.  Nope. Then it’s a tea.  Nope.  Well a type of energy drink then.  Nope.  Simple, clean water that is going to keep you energized when you need it most.

Life is constantly on the go from the board meetings, to the gym, to kids waiting at home.  We have our morning coffee to get us going, but what about all the other hours in the day?  Avitae offers you a natural solution that is required by your body, water.  This is a caffeine option that won’t dehydrate you and won’t fill your system with added sugar and chemicals.

Drinking your recommended daily water intake can be a real chore, especially if you don’t care for plain water.  That’s why Avitae offers four lightly infused flavors: Tangerine, Blackberry, Pomegranate Açai or Strawberry Guava.  There’s also the matter of keeping enough caffeine running through your veins to get through the day.  We understand, and Avitae was designed to help.

kick sub photoDepending on your needs, Avitae offers you three different levels of caffeine.  Does your day require a half a cup, a whole cup or a cup and a half?  If one cup of coffee will do, then grab our 90 mg level.  If a little less is better, then grab the 45 mg.  If you’ve got a long one ahead, then get your kick with the 125 mg option.

We also understand that many of you simply don’t want another bottle of boring water.  So to keep your taste buds interested, we are about to launch a whole new caffeinated water that will let you get your bubbles too!  Sparkling Avitae is the carbonated caffeine answer soda pop lovers have been looking for.  This sparkling water will hint at four subtle flavor profiles: Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime, Berry Kiwi and Mandarin Passion Fruit, or you can choose the unflavored soda water to drink or mix.

No matter the Avitae product you crave, you’ll always know what you’re getting. Each bottle serves up refreshing and healthy caffeine, extracted from green coffee beans, with as few as three ingredients on the label.  For flavored varieties, the water has a mild blend of all natural flavors.  All of this comes with zero calories, zero sugar and nothing artificial!

For simplicity that works, Avitae delivers.