Avitae is Dietitian Approved


The world of advertising and marketing spends nearly $600 billion dollars every year to show you what products to buy and not to buy.  With this kind of media coming at you every day, from every direction it can become tricky to really know what is good for you and your family and what is nothing more than clever presentation.  As a rule of thumb, we say the simpler, the better. 

You don’t have to take our word for it though! Instead of advertising the great things about Avitae, we thought we would share with you the top six healthy foods chosen by Harmon’s registered dietitian, Kayla Womeldorff.  There are certain things most people understand, like less sugar is better, preservatives should be avoided, high calorie intake is not healthy and natural ingredients are best. These were the fundamentals that Kayla searched for, but then she required great flavor, simplicity in the kitchen and all in the aisles of her local Harmons.

Halfpops_New_Flavors_900x550Every health conscious individual is always looking for that perfect snack that satisfies the sweet, crunchy or salty craving but doesn’t add too much to the waist line.  Unfortunately, most “lite” snack foods either taste like cardboard or are not lite at all.  Until you’ve had Half Pops!  This whole grain snack is half-popped popcorn that delivers a punch of flavor on the outside and a mighty crunch on the inside! Sometimes you need more of the sweet and creamy, like ice cream, but what diet ice cream actually delivers that smooth, milky texture and rich, sweet flavor?  According to Kayla, Halo Top Ice Cream!  It has 1/3 the calories of Ben & Jerry’s with a super, simple list of ingredients!

Healthy choices should not just be made with our snacks.  How about a homemade hummus to spread on toast, layer between cucumber slices or use in place of mayonnaise for a chicken salad!  Usually hummus is very time consuming, but Kayla found Bush’s Hummus Made Easy.  Once more a simple ingredient list in a convenient package, and all you have to do is add chickpeas!  Another option to whip up a quick and savory dinner are simmer sauces.  Seasoning packets span the culinary globe from curries to Korean BBQs to Cajun spice.  This is a busy night timesaver if you toss the sauce with a bag of mixed frozen veggies and layer it all on a bed of precooked brown rice!

So you see the theme here? Foods that are convenient for life on the go, nutritious for the healthy minded and have a simple ingredient list that doesn’t leave you confused.  That’s why Kayla promoted Avitae as well.  Natural caffeine blended with pure water gives you your energy boost with your daily hydration. It has no sugar, no calories and no preservatives, so it won’t be adding anything to your system that you don’t want, and there is a label with ingredients you understand. We don’t need fancy advertising to let you know Avitae is where it’s at!

Hear what Kayla has to say here.