Looking for awesome energy? Take your pick.

Original Avitae is refreshingly simple — just caffeine, purified water, and not a speck of sugar, artificial ingredients or single calorie anywhere. And with three different energy levels to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect amount of pick-me-up.

With Flavored Avitae, we're bringing your taste buds in on the action. It's the same calorie-free combo of caffeine and water as regular Avitae, plus a splash of all-natural fruit flavor in every sip.

While Sparkling Avitae is serious about buzz and serious about fizz, there's no more fun way to get your daily power-up. And the most fun part? It’s completely free of calories or confusing ingredients.

With 4 hours of energy and a range of awesome flavors, AvitaeXR brings you more Go time and great taste. But what's even cooler are the things it doesn't have — there are no mystery ingredients, no unnecessary calories and more importantly, no caffeine crash.