Got a big day ahead of you? Then a couple hours of energy just won’t cut it. Luckily, AvitaeXR Extended Release was created for times like these. We developed a drink that provides up to 4 whole hours of energy with no caffeine crash.

Like other energy drinks, AvitaeXR provides an immediate energy boost. Unlike other drinks, this boost comes from 125mg of natural caffeine and has a few extra gears that kick in to keep you going strong. We’re talking about Avitae's patented caffeine beads, which gradually release an additional 125mg for another 3 to 4 hours of energy. So whatever your big day has in store, you have plenty of time to conquer it.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is in AvitaeXR Extended Release?
Like our other products, AvitaeXR is made with water and caffeine. The real difference is the patented time-release bead-based techonology — which is essentially caffeine with a cellulose coating. This completely safe technology has been used by other industries for years; we were just the first to put it in a beverage.
How do the energy beads break down?
The beads start to break down and release caffeine due to changing pH levels in your digestive system. This should start to happen about 1 to 1.5 hours after drinking AvitaeXR (as your initial caffeine boost starts to wear off) and continue gradually for the next few hours.
So you're telling me there's no crash?
That's exactly what we're telling you. Because you're absorbing the caffeine gradually instead of all at once, your energy level comes down gradually — instead of all at once.
When should I drink AvitaeXR?
Where do we even start? Drink AvitaeXR for a power-up before work. Drink AvitaeXR before a long drive. Drink it for a boost before practice or a workout. Basically, any time that you need energy — and we really mean lasting energy — it's the perfect time for AvitaeXR.