Allowing Greatness to Come Out: Winning the Travelers Championship

This past Tuesday we spoke with Kevin Streelman, who broke a PGA record by carding seven consecutive birdies to win the 2014 Travelers Championship Sunday, June 22, at the TPC River Highlands in Connecticut:

“Starting off the week at Travelers, I didn’t have a ton of confidence after missing four cuts. However, I actually spent the weekend before with an instructor down in Washington, D.C. – Wayne DeFrancesco – and we had a couple of neat, simple ideas to work on my swing and putting. I got excited for the tournament, played great in the Pro-Am and hit pretty well Thursday and Friday but wasn’t making a ton of putts, and then Saturday it really clicked what we were working on. I had a ton of confidence going into Sunday. I didn’t get off to the start I expected, but something happened when I made that putt on 9. I felt something click in my psyche and I entered the zone right there. It was a lot of fun, a dream scenario for professional athletes.

“I wasn’t expecting that much from this tournament. I wanted to have good momentum and good confidence to move into two weeks off. But I think it just freed me up to let things go and play it as a game.

“Going onto the back nine on Sunday, I made two awesome up and downs through 10 and 11 to stay par, but the putts I made were a 6-footer on 10 and a 12-footer on 11, and I buried them both dead in the middle of the cup. That started to get my putter feeling really good.

“12 is a part of the course where you have to start attacking and I crushed it 10 feet below the hole. It’s funny, though, because that was the only putt I backed off on all week and I backed off because when I was over the putt, I was actually thinking of my fishing trip coming up this week! I backed off the putt and I said to my caddy, ‘I’m thinking about trout!’ But I focused back in, picked a good target and just rolled it, once again dead center in the back of the cup.

“After the 15th hole where I had birdied again, I honestly didn’t even realize that I had birdied four in a row. I was just thinking how we were going in the right direction, getting some good momentum before the off weeks.

“Probably the coolest moment of the day for me came on the 18th. That drive was the longest drive of my life.  Then, going into the putt, I read it and I said to my caddy, ‘It almost doesn’t matter where we’re going to put this right now.  I know it’s going in the hole.’ Michael Jordan used to talk about how he would know he was going to make a basket before he shot it, and I really felt that way. I knew that putt was going to go in. I had done it a thousand times before on practice greens, and this was to win a tournament. To step up and bury it is something I’ll never forget.

“The thing about this week is that golf had become really important to me, and I needed to be kicked in the pants and reprioritize where things like my family and faith were in my life. During the week I was able to let go of the importance of golf. It just was a game and something that I played and had fun with. I think it allowed greatness to come out because I was in a proper place in my life.”

Listen to Kevin explain how it feels to break a PGA record and his favorite memory from the weekend by clicking here:

With an Avitae in one hand and the Travelers Championship trophy in the other, we can rest assured that Kevin will have a relaxing two weeks off before heading to the Scottish Open on July 10.

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