From the First to the 18th Tee: Staying Energized

Staying healthy and fit is a goal many of us seek to obtain, but as a professional golfer, it’s a part of Kevin Streelman’s job:

“I have to be at the top of my game when I’m trying to compete against top players in the world on a weekly basis, so my health and wellness are extremely important. As golfers we sometimes get teased that we’re not really athletes. In reality, when we play a five-and-a-half-hour round, walking 6-7 miles with pressure and money on the line, we have to be ready to make a world-class performance every day. Being as fit, prepared and energized on the 18th tee as I am on the first tee is crucial, so I’m constantly trying to improve my health and well-being.

“During my off-time I focus on weight training and muscle building. During tournament weeks it’s about continuity. I do a lot of stretching and stay on the cardio side of things, using lighter weights for more repetitions. There’s definitely a change in my focus from off-week to on-week or off-season to on-season.

“The Tour owns a double-wide fitness trailer that has all the fitness equipment that you can imagine: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, bands, TRX, really everything. I’m in there usually twice a day during tournament days, once before a round and once after the round, and once a day during practice rounds. At the very least I’m getting a good stretch from my trainer and doing cardio to loosen up, and at the most I’m doing a full-out intense workout.

“The cool thing is the fitness trailer has gotten busier each year. The first year on Tour there were half as many people in there as there are now. You can see how fitness has changed in the game of golf. People are realizing that in order to stay competitive for a long time, and to elongate your career, you have to stay healthy and limber.

“On the nutrition side, I try to stay away from super sugary supplements and energy drinks, and that’s where Avitae is so great – being able to have it in the morning to get the help of a caffeine kick and the hydration of water. To me it’s all about hydration and keeping your body prepped throughout the day for consistency.

“If you trust the work you put in off the course, the results will take care of themselves on the course.”

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