What's Avitae? A Healthy Energy Drink!


You might be asking yourself, what is Avitae? First off, quit talking to yourself — it's kinda weird. Secondly, it would probably make sense for us to start by stating a few things that Avitae is not. It's not a sugary soda. It's not a chemical-pumped energy drink. And it's clearly not a form of boring, breath-killing coffee. Avitae is purified water with natural caffeine acting as a natural energy booster. And for good measure, we tossed zero calories in there too.

What Does Avitae Mean?

So where does the name Avitae come from? While it sounds a little fancy, much like the drink itself, it’s a mere combination of two simple things – a=agua (Spanish for water) and vitae (Latin for life). We studied a lot of languages! And seeing as Avitae is the water that pumps extra life into your day and adds a shot of go to healthy lifestyles, it makes perfect sense. Plus, “super-awesome-energy-boosting-hydrating-caffeine-water-beverage” just didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Purified Water

Water requires no introduction. Nature's purest form of hydration, it's clean, refreshing and essential for survival. Not to mention, along with earth, wind, fire and heart, it's one of the five elements used to summon our favorite environmental superhero. Classic cartoon references aside, we take the clear goodness of water, purify it and add all-natural caffeine. With their powers combined, you get basic H2O taste and a boost befitting of H2Wowww!

Natural Caffeine Supplement

Believe it or not, the benefits of caffeine go well beyond basic energy lifts. Studies have shown all sorts of awesomeness stemming from regular caffeine consumption, including disease fighting and performance enhancement. And with Avitae, you can enjoy the superpowers of caffeine in an all-natural form. Our caffeine is derived directly from green coffee beans. Add that to purified water, and green means go.

Zero Calories

Get your caffeine lift from sodas, energy drinks and coffee (don't forget the cream and sugar), and you might have to break out the calculator to count calories. But with Avitae, you can skip the math altogether. Avitae contains zero calories. Zip. Zilch. Nada. So when it comes to healthy hydration, it's pretty much a no-brainer.